Post-Traumatic Growth

This morning I listened to this podcast from the always amazing Underground Wellness, which opened up a whole new fascinating world for me. The podcast was an interview of the author of UPSIDE: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth. I had never heard of the concept of post traumatic growth, and it sounds like it’s been recently re-discovered.

So what is Post Traumatic Growth? Well, it is personal growth (not physical growth!) that occurs during traumatic situations. It came into awareness when the majority of the survivors of Vietnamese POW camps said that the experience had been good for them.

And yeah, wow, that hit a chord.

Having gone through my own little version of trauma (5 months bed bound with dizziness from having two concussions) this podcast felt so personal! I’ve had various other health related trials in the past, but nothing that I would have considered traumatic like those nightmarish 5 months.

And, yes, looking back, I definitely grew from the experience! And it was good for me. I changed it ways I never would have expected or sought.

The author mentioned something along the lines of, that instead of maturing from one level to another at an even pace, it was as if the people he interviewed had skipped levels, or moved through them more quickly than before. And yes, once again I could relate. It’s not like I feel so much more mature than the people around me, but I feel like I have a much deeper sense of suffering and understand life differently than most of my peers. I often feel like I can recognize that same sense in my friends who have gone through trauma themselves.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting the book at some point! I can’t wait to read more about the ways people noticed they benefited from the traumatic experiences. I suppose I will start making my own list. 😉