Weekend Links & Updates




No links since I was on vacation!


  • We got back from Phoenix late Monday night. I spent the last afternoon wandering around Siegfried and Roy’s dolphin and tiger garden. It’s my favorite memory from Las Vegas. It was so uncrowded, the food was reasonably priced and you could get so close to the lions and dolphins! Plus the trainers work with the dolphins every 15 minutes or so, so there was always something interesting to see. And for the last 15 minutes we were there, there were trainers in with the lions! Eeks. That was something I had never seen.
  • The rest of the week has been really quiet. Mostly just doctors appointments. I saw the functional neurologist on Tuesday so that felt good.
  • My brain’s felt pretty dead/empty/low grade fuzzy since going to Sacral Occipital on Wednesday. The doctor spent a long time fixing everything that got knocked out of place when I hit heads with a brother on the trip. I think it just needs time to recover.
  • Tonight, I’m hopefully going to the fair and rodeo with a  friend! I haven’t been to the rodeo since my second concussion, but I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it won’t get smoked out. We’re having crazy wildfires due to having such a dry year.