A very Short Tour of the Mind by Michael Corballis

In A Very Short Tour of the Mind: 21 short walks around the human brain, Michael Corballis espouses on various topics in short entertaining chapters that range from language and symmetry in the body to memory and swearing. Each chapter is concise has a brief overview of what science currently says about the subject and perhaps includes an entertaining anecdote or two.

If the path toward demonstrating ours superior brain power has seemed tortuous, we can perhaps at least gain comfort from the thought that we are the only species working on the problem- or so it seems. (p. 10)

This book was a very quick read as most of the chapters were originally published in New Zealand Geographic, so each chapter is pithy and to the point. I enjoyed reading a brain book that was quick to read and covered many subjects quickly.

Who would I recommend this book too? Anyone looking for a quick overview of topics that make the brain unique to the human.