Why I tried to get off a diuretic for my Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops

This week I’m finally starting to feel more stable after the past few weeks adventure with getting off my diuretic.

I was hoping to get off my prescription diuretic for several reasons.

1. I’m no longer able to wear contacts.

That’s probably my biggest frustration with it. While I don’t mind wearing glasses most of the times, during the summer it’s frustrating not to be able to slip sunglasses on and off easily. I do have a nice floppy hat that works pretty well, but the cool factor is lacking! I think I’m going to break down and order some prescription sunglasses. My prescription has also changed as my eyes have less fluid in them, so now that I know I’ll be doing the prescription for a while, I’m finally going to get that fixed.

2. Sunscreen!

There’s something about the chemical makeup of diuretics that interact with the sun that makes you sensitive to sun rays. It’s like you have an allergic reaction to the sunburn.

The one time I have burned, I was resting in the sun one morning in May, and after lying there for a few minutes, I randomly thought I should put on sunscreen and then I actually followed through with that thought and did it. Normally, I would’ve just brushed the thought away. But when applying the lotion, I didn’t quite cover the backs of my legs enough and a thin strip got sunburned where my shorts had slid up. That day it slowly turned into a sunburn, and the next morning it slowly turned bright red and become swollen and covered with hives with bright red streaks going up and down the insides of my legs. It was nasty to look at to say the least!

The miracle of this all, was that it happened the day before I was supposed to spend most of the day outside with friends touring a local garden. If I had not gotten burned the day before, I mostly likely would’ve of ended up getting burned all over while touring the garden as I undoubtedly would not have remembered to put on sunscreen. But by getting the minor burn the day before, I made sure to bring sunscreen and used it liberally!

3. Dry Skin

You end up with dry skin pretty quickly.

I know for some people this comes naturally all ready, but I was only used to putting on lotion every once in a while after shaving. I now find myself having to do it after every shower. Yeah, I’m whining a bit here. I know that this doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things. I also have to use eye drops regularly, especially at night.

4. Water, water, water.

I’m always making sure I have water available to drink from. Which often means carrying a water bottle around with me at all times. And since I take my diuretic in the evening, I usually try to drink at least one huge glass of water (often a quart) before I go to bed to sustain me through the night. I was remember the other evening how I used to watch a whole episode of Chuck and sip my water as it took forever to drink that much! Now, I’m so used to it, I just chug it down in probably less than a minute. I also keep water right by my night stand and I usually empty that during the night.

5. Salt and blood pressure.

Because of the hydrops, I have to keep my daily salt intake level pretty low (at the most about 2,000mg/day) which is quite low compared to the average American’s intake of 3,500mg/day. Normally, this isn’t a problem, and since I naturally like salty foods, I stay between 1,500-2,000mg/day. However, if I don’t keep an eye on it and go 24 hours without eating much salt, I notice my blood pressure will start slipping and several things can happen.

I have zero energy and all I want to do is lay down. When I do lay down I feel flat like a pancake.
I get out of breath easily going up and down stairs
I start feeling woozy or blacking out when standing up too quickly.

Is it worth it?

YES!  Really, I surprised myself with how long this list become. But I know that most of this stuff isn’t too big a deal, and I’m so used to it now, I don’t give it a lot of thought. However, there was the tempting thought that maybe being on natural supplements would have less of an impact that I wanted to give it a try. But, since that turned into a slight fiasco, I guess for the time being, the benefits of having a ear that works properly is worth it!