Experimenting with diuretics and secondary endolymphatic hydrops

This week has been a discouraging one so far. Not anything very dramatic, but I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of dizziness thanks to experimenting with my prescription diuretic that’s for my Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops. As I mentioned here, I was hoping to slowly work my way off of it and replace it with a natural supplement. But it didn’t work. After a week of being at half dose on the diuretic and slowly increasing my natural supplement, my right ear was steadily filling up, and by Friday I was getting waves of dizziness, so I broke down and took another half of my diuretic and I’ve since gone back to my normal dosage.

However, what I just assumed would be a simple matter of my ear draining in a day or two, has now stretched out to four days. I went in to see the functional neurologist on Monday as I was hoping they could do a quick fix, but it turns out to be more complicated than that. The appointment did help, but Dr Z reminded me that it could take up to a week for it to finish draining out (and I now remember that it took about two weeks when I first got on it). So yes, I might have another week or so of dizziness issues.

Also, interestingly enough, he said that when you start messing with the system it also can encourage inflammation that can take a while to resolve, so I seriously increased my anti-inflammatory pills. Hopefully that will help too, but it’s a little harder to see direct correlation.

Today, I was able to do acupuncture and that always helps me stabilize. And I think it keeps my ear draining better. I’m also having more stamina; I can do more for longer before I start feeling like my world is moving when I’m not!

And I do keep on waking up feeling a little better so I’m hoping by the end of the week this will just be a good lesson learned.