Why Isn’t My Brain Working by Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS

Why Isn't My Brain Working Book Review | Retropulser.comWhy Isn’t My Brain Working by Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS is a resource book that explores possible reasons why your brain isn’t working normally. It can roughly be divided into three parts. The first few chapters talk about the chemistry of the brain, how everything actually works and introduces the concept of inflammatory responses within the brain. The bulk of the book consists of specific issues that could be causing problems, such as gluten sensitivity, autoimmunity and chemical imbalances. The last few chapters talk about more miscellaneous topics such as hormonal imbalance, toxins and fatty acids. Most chapters contain a symptom list, case studies, a practical application section and a chapter summary.

Why Isn’t My Brain Working? is a guide that brings together both scientific and natural medicine approaches to help you learn how to spot weakness and abnormalities in your own brain function, whether they are subtle or loudly obvious. One person may notice his memory isn’t quite what it used to be, or that a long day at work is more tiring than he remembers it used to be. Someone else may have a more overt neurological imbalance, such as depression, anxiety, or brain fog. Either way you will learn how to unravel the underlying causes of your dysfunction- because the same symptom can have myriad causes- and how to go about remedying them. (p. xxxii)

If there is one book about the brain  I could convince you to buy, this would be it! Dr. Datis does a great job breaking down what are normally complex subjects in a way that is easy to understand. Although the book is thick, it was quite a fast read as the type is fairly large and there’s a lot of case studies inserted that are easy to skip if you want.

I discovered this book by listening to Datis talk about the brain and digestion. This was the book that I had been looking for. It explained everything that was going on with my brain and inflammation that I kind of knew about, but didn’t know the right questions to ask to find out more. Reading this book, along with the beginning of the GAPS diet book, motivated me to get a handle on the inflammation that was going on in my brain as a result of my concussion issues.

Who would I recommend this book too? Anyone, but especially someone with a history of brain fog, autoimmune conditions, Alzheimers or other degenerative brain disease.