Weekend Links & Updates


with my brothers at Oneota Gorge



  • Lots to report on this week! First off, I realized I never wished anyone a Happy 4th! I hope you had a good day. I did. I had several highlights, including swimming in the river (again!) and I did quite well with that and also managing to watch fireworks standing up on the Hawthorne bridge.
  • Also, on top of normal 4th activities, the next day I “hiked” Oneota Gorge with a group of friends. Not only does this involved wading through water (at times waist high) it also involved climbing over a huge 15ft log jam at the beginning of the canyon. My brothers were gracious enough to stick close to me for support so I felt fairly safe climbing over.
  • As you may remember, last week I was going to attempt getting off of my prescription diuretic (hydroclorathiazide) and on to more natural supplements. It was a fail. I went down to half a dose of the hydroclorathiazide and started increasing the other stuff, but I never got it to equal out. By Friday afternoon, I was starting to feel pretty miserable. Even though I was keeping my salt level low, my right ear felt all plugged and I was starting to have waves of dizziness, and my neck was starting to really hurt from holding my head funny as it was compensating for my right inner ear not giving the proper stimulus. So I’m back to full strength diuretic for now. Ah, well! It was tempting to get depressed about it, but really, it’s not a big deal to take the prescription. It was good to find out that I hadn’t acclimated to it and I’m so thankful that it is a solution.