Weekend Links & Updates



No links this week!


  • This week was a full one! On Sunday we helped throw a surprise party for my brother. Friends left that had been visiting from California. Celebrated a friends birthday. Helped paint at a brother’s new house. Went to a wedding. And today it’s fourth of July! So hopefully another party and some fireworks!
  • In the midst of all of the social happenings, I had several exciting medical appointments. I got cleared to stop Physical Therapy! My neck has been doing really well, and last weekend when my MdDS was flared up from swimming in the river, my neck didn’t hurt at all, which was a first.
  • I also had appointments with both my MD and the functional neurologist to talk about transition off of the prescription diuretic for my hydrops and getting on a Chinese Medicine supplement. I’m really hoping I can get off of the prescription medicine as I think I take two other supplements just to counter the effect that is has. Here’s to less pills!