Weekend Links & Updates


  • After reading this post about artist Johane Roy who deals with MdDS, I fell in love with her paintings.
  • A nice summary about why we should be eating a rainbow variety of vegetables


  • I ran two times this week. At one point, I was able to run for about half a mile!
  • Went to the beach one day with friends visiting from California. I did some long stretches of driving and it went well. On the way home, I drove the two hours home and I could tell my MdDS flared up but it quickly subsided as I rested afterwards. So grateful.
  • I also managed to ride for about a minute in the back seat of a car yesterday. First time in almost two years that I haven’t gotten seriously disoriented and panicky sitting in the back seat! Baby steps!
  • And last but not least, I went swimming for a few minutes in the river. It was wonderful, but it definitely pushed me to the edge…