Weekend Links & Updates

acupuncture needles in the head




  • The picture is courtesy of my mother during my acupuncture session this week. I started going about once a week at the end of 2013, and have continued it faithfully. For a long time, I did it once a week, but now I’ve moved to every other week. I notice that if I do it regularly it helps keep my hydrous ear slightly less full.
  • This week I’ve noticed increased stamina thanks to pushing myself at the beach all last week. It was easy to be distracted and push my limits last week and because of that, I’m not getting so overwhelmed and tired as easily. I’m trying to continue the trend at home and keep pushing myself without over doing it.
  • Along those lines, this week, I ran. Not for long. I would run for a minute, walk for a minute. I think I repeated that four times and at the very end I started feeling almost-dizzy, so it was just walking after that. But just that little bit was a big deal, as I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to run again. It wasn’t too bad, although my neck and shoulders were sore the next day!