Weekend Links & Updates



A friend of mine was writing an article on rodeo and head injuries this week and we spent some time chatting about concussions. It piqued my interest, so I spent a few minutes reading up on the sport. I love rodeos and have always thought the cowboys were crazy, but now I know they really are crazy…especially the ones who don’t wear helmets. Eeks.

Rodeo Injuries Part 1 – The Risk

Too macho to wear a helmet?

Head injuries prove bull riders need to ‘cowboy up’ and wear helmets


  • This week I made a batch of sauerkraut and some pickled radishes. I’ve only tried making sauerkraut once and it was a complete fail, but I’ve done more research and crossing my fingers that it will come out well. I’ve been using Phickle as my go to resource for pickling!
  • I’m working on adding a lot more fermented foods into my diet as a test I did recently showed I was lacking in good bacteria. I’m also hoping to try my hand at coconut milk yogurt this week.
  • Strawberry season is sadly ending here. We’ve had an unusually warm spring so that the strawberries, which consistently ripen throughout June, are almost done. This evening I made several batches of jam and got quite a few into the freezer for future smoothies. Yum.