Weekend Links & Updates


Enjoying a rare treat- a gluten free cupcake from Kyra’s bakery


Norman Doidge: The Man Teaching Us to Change Our Minds – An interview about his newest book

Exercise is ADHD medication – Sounds like kids should do PE before starting school

Serving Those in the Church with Chronic Needs: Personal Testimonial Series – I was asked to participate in this lovely series.


  • I attended a meeting at an old school this week and apparently, I’m really allergic to this building. I lost my voice from sitting there for an hour and a half. Today it’s about half way back, but I’m sneezing every few minutes. C’est la vie.
  • We’re having my brothers’ piano teacher and her husband over for dinner tonight. I took lessons from her in the summer of 2013 to refresh my piano playing skills as they had grown rusty thanks to my first concussion.
  • School is winding down here and I’m starting to get excited about summer plans. What’s on your list for summer?