Brain Links & Updates

While visiting my friend Patricia, mentioned below, I spotted Mt Hood trying to peak out (pun intended)



This week:

  • Just last week, I posted to a link on visual snow, a condition that I never had heard of before. Well, this week, while visiting my friend Patricia, I found out her husband had developed it suddenly last year.  I’m hoping he’ll try functional neurology helpful. So far, he hasn’t gotten any relief from other doctors.
  • Because my MdDS has been doing so much better, I’m catching up on a backlog of woodworking projects… I have three going on right now – carriage doors panel replacements, three small trellises and window box braces. I’m slowly reintroducing myself to power tools as I’m not as confident as I used to be!
  • And drumroll please…. Visiting my functional neurologist this week, I got permission to start coming in every other week. After a year and a half of visiting once a week (or 9 months at twice a week) this is a HUGE deal. So grateful.


  • Complicated patterns
  • MdDS exercise at home