Functional Neurology: My Second Appointment

After my evaluation, Dr Z went through the data and explained what he had found. I wish I could remember the particulars, but I don’t. Perhaps I’ll get the notes from that appointment one day!

I did begin a series of exercises to help correct what I was dealing with, mostly my eyes not working together.

Since I was new to this all, at first I came in frequently to do the exercises. But as I became more familiar with them and as my brain proved to be more predictable, I moved to doing some of the exercises at home. While I couldn’t do them all at home, I could at least do a few. Once it was proven that I was doing them faithfully, I was able to push out my appointments to once a week.

It was encouraging to slowly see improvement. My eyes began to work together more easily.

I did have a setback early on though. I banged my head on the oven hood and immediately noticed my eyes become disconjugate (ie, not work together). When I relaxed my eyes, they immediately pointed in different directions! No Bueno.

I was rather disconcerted by this and made an appointment to come in right away the next day. Apparently, once you start working with nerve development, it becomes more sensitive to jiggles.

Unfortunately, this pattern did repeat itself more than once as I’m rather prone to bonking my head! But each time Dr Z was able to get my eyes working together again, so it was all good.