Friday Links & Updates


This week:

  • My MdDS exercises are continuing to help. That’s me in the photo with my brother, Andrew. He’s taking me out for a “joy ride” in his rental car since his car is in the shop. I’ve noticed this week a dramatic decrease in getting car sick while sitting in the passenger seat. Such a relief.
  • This week has been sunny in Oregon and I am continuing to count my blessings as I’ve been gardening and woodworking. I’m especially out of shape with gardening as I’m remember just how much manual labor hoeing and shoveling can be, but a little each day does the trick. My tolerance for bending over is slowly growing and I’m so thankful.
  • I spent time walking around on uneven ground in our fields today, and I didn’t get anywhere as exhausted as I normally would.


  • On pause until I see my regular doctor this week (hopefully!) He’s been out of town.