Friday Links & Updates


This week:

  • Overdid it on Saturday because I felt so great, so I’ve had some MdDS issues all week, which slowed me down. But I did start doing the MdDS exercises on my own at home in very short bursts! I haven’t told Dr Z yet (shh!) because I only got my nerve up to try it today, but I think it’s all good. I have done it at home before, but it’s never been as effective, so I gave up. But now, I think my brain might be healed enough that it will be effective and helpful.
  • Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed increased pressure in my right occipital lobe region. When I did SOT, the doctor relieved that pressure but it started coming back again. I was debating about how soon to go back and see her when earlier this week I accidentally gave myself a “soft punch” to the jawbone. I was folding down a bench seat and as it sprung forward I realized my head was in the way and managed to turn it right as the seat came down. It did knock me, but not as badly as if I hadn’t moved my head. I basically gave myself a giant halmagyi. As a result, my neck felt off all day yesterday so I went in to see the SOT doctor and it felt so wonderful. I came home and took an hour and  half long nap, so I think some healing is happening.
  • After completing my initial round with SOT last month, my cerebellar dominance had switched from the left to the right. After giving myself the “soft punch” I had a consistent desire to do complicated movement with my  right hand thus implying to me that it switched back to the right. Now that I did today’s SOT, that urge is gone, so I’m going back to my left hand and foot.

Current Exercises:

  • Complicated pattern with my left hand and foot (3x/day)
  • Following my thumb from center to down left with a complicated background moving at a faster pace.
  • Short bursts of optokinetics going up and to the left.