Friday Links & Updates



This week:

  • At my appointment with Dr Z this week, I met a colleague of his that has a clinic in the same town my grandmother grew up in. Small world.
  • Also, at my appointment, I went over a list of items that I haven’t noticed improvement since starting my MdDS exercises. I’ve noticed tremendous improvement related to my MdDS, but there’s some other areas that are lagging behind that it doesn’t seem to be making a difference with, such as looking up easily. I currently feel like I’m going to fall over every time. So he gave me a new exercise and as a result, I spent about an hour gardening today. Between today, and an earlier stint this week, I’ve spent more time gardening this week then I did all last year. (Thus the picture of the flowers.)
  • Current exercises:
    • Complicated pattern with my left hand and foot (3x/day)
    • Following my thumb from center to down left with a complicated background moving at a faster pace.
    • Short bursts of optokinetics going up and to the left.