More details from my Functional Neurology Re-evaluation

I thought I would add more details from my re-evaulation appointment yesterday.

The basic gist, is some things look good, some old weaknesses have reappeared, and a new weakness has shown up.

So, what looks good?

Well, my ability to look back and forth along a horizontal line held steady. I was able to follow pursuits and saccades decently.

Some old weaknesses showed up, such as my left eye trying to take a nose dive every time I look down. And my inability to dump my velocity storage. Your velocity storage contains info how fast and what direction your moving, so if it’s not dumping out the info consistently, then you can still feel like you’re turning when you’re not. Also, my right cerebellum has become dominant, pushing my eyes to the right and then they snap back to the left, creating a nystagmus, I believe.

And a new weaknesses that I don’t remember dealing with include- my left eye aiming higher than my right eye for some of the tests.

Since Dr Z wasn’t there yesterday, I’m waiting until Friday to get assigned new exercises.

The good news is that the feeling of my head being pulled backwards (a MdDS symptom) has stayed in the background. I think this is partly due to the help I’m receiving from SOT.