A setback

Eye movement with vertical saccades


So this is what it’s like to be in the trenches of healing. It’s hard. And like life, it has it’s progress and setbacks. I’ve been in a season of progress, but last week I had a setback.

As I got into the car after picking up a few things at our local fruit stand, I started to get into the suburban but my timing, balance and and projected angle was all off and I completely smashed the top of my head against the car door frame. I was perfectly positioned under it as I hopped onto my seat and WHAM I hit it. And ouch, it hurt. My first instinct (often my first instinct when something goes wrong these days) was to cry. But I wanted to make it home first. My second instinct is to then curl up in a ball and isolate myself from everyone. Which I did, Somewhat. But life got in the way this weekend (a wedding!) so it wasn’t all bad.

But thankfully because of the wedding and the two hour drive to and from, I had scheduled a functional neurology appointment this Monday instead of my usual Thursday. And Thank God I did. This way, I was able to get in fairly quickly and after a brief interview where I complained of dizziness, light/sound sensitivity, fatigue, etc, Dr Eric decided to run a reval to figure out what was going on. The results weren’t terrible, but did show some new weaknesses and a return of an old weakness. Hopefully later this week after he has a chance to consult with Dr Z, I’ll get some more specific exercises so I can get back on track with progress.