My Adventures with Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops: Dealing with attacks

Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops

This is the third part of a series chronicling my experience with Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops as a result of a concussion in September 2013.

After that scare, I became much more motivated to keep track of my salt while eating. And I slowly developed an intuition as to how much salt I could eat. Although, it did seem like randomly at some point during a month time frame I wouldn’t guess right and I would end up with another episode, although much less severe.

I had one incident in May where I drank some dessert wine (maybe 1/4 cup – I’m not a huge wine person) on an empty stomach and ended up with a small hangover. Although dessert wine does not have salt, it does have lots of sugar and alcohol, both of which encourage water retention. Because I didn’t eat/drink these regularly I never found it important to regulate, but I imagine it would be if you did consume them often.

Although the second time I had an episode, it was scary, as I thought it would be a direct repeat of my previous attack, I never had one as bad as the first one. It eventually became routine enough that it wasn’t scary. At some point, I would start to notice my ear filling up in the evening. I would then make a point of drinking lots of water. If my ear got to a certain fullness, it would be impossible for me to be comfortable laying down and I would head down to the couch to watch tv until I passed out from fatigue. I could usually find a position among the couch cushions at some weird angle where I wouldn’t feel dizzy, so obviously that was helpful.