This week end

This week’s happenings.

I started real Physical Therapy exercises. I’m actually using muscles I haven’t used in 1+ years. Always exciting. Which also means I’ve spent the whole week constantly fighting my normal bad posture  that I’ve developed over the last year and a half of always wanting to fall back. A sore neck is also my constant companion if I have bad posture for long enough, so it’s been a good motivator to tuck that chin in and use my tummy muscles.

I tried Sacro-cranial therapy on Wednesday. The jury is still out on whether it’s helping, but I did feel like there was better flow at the base of my skull. I go in again next week. The doctor who did it, knew Dr Z and when she found out I’d been going there for 3+ years, she looked at me and said you must be Dr Z’s problem child. I laughed and said, well, yes, probably one of them.

Friday was a hard day and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I was out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Well, actually, yes, I’m sure that’s why. Each of those days I had three separate appointment or events happening, and while I did really well compared to how I would’ve done a month ago. I needed a break by Friday!

Friday I did manage to do one thing and that was to finish putting up a shelf on our window sill out side the family room window (pictured above). The cats love to sit on this windowsill and look pleadingly inside which means it’s a constant losing battle to keep dirt off of it. Hopefully now they’ll sit on the dark shelf instead.

Well, signing off. I’m starting to feel a little off from tracking my typing.