This week has been a mostly up! week. No setbacks, I’ve gotten into a  good sleeping rhythm and am making progress on tweaking my diet. I got my food sensitivity test back, and I had already almost everything I came back sensitive too, but the two surprises were Soy – I’m not reacting and Cane Sugar – I’m reacting (majorly!). The Cane Sugar is especially surprising as I don’t really eat sugar. So I’ll be seeing my naturapath on Wednesday to talk more about diet changes. And the next step.

I also made an appointment to try Sacro Occiptal therapy. I’m hoping it might help with my Hydrops/lymph fluid drainage issues. My ear has been feeling full for over a month now and it’s not helping anything.

I started Physical Therapy this week. Over the last year and half, with such limited activity and with always feeling like I’m going to fall over backwards, my posture has sadly slumped into something that might be mistaken for a pregnant banana. Not good, people, not good. So now I have three teeny exercises to try and do each day. One of which, the only way I’ve been able to figure out how to implement it is by lying on the edge of our pool table.

I listened to this talk on FODMAPS by Dr. Siebecker which was incredibly helpful. I’m still trying to make sense of it all, but this certainly helped!