Being the adult

On Saturday, I finally signed up for brainHQ as I continue to recover from the effects of my concussion. I’ve been waiting 6 months for permission from my functional neurologist to begin it.

Randomly, I was reading this article, and they mentioned the development of brain HQ in it.

Right now, I”m working on switching up my sleep schedule. Ever since the stress that was California at Christmas time, I’ve been waking up at 9 naturally. Which totally sucks. I’ve tried several times to switch it up, but haven’t been successful, this time though, I’m determined. Which might make a difference, or might not. We’ll see. Today my alarm went off at 7:30 and 8. I then got up at 8:10. Which was a whole lot better than 8:30 the day before, and 9. I’ve never been so good at ignoring my alarms before, so this is a new challenge. And of course, the flip side of the coin being I’ve got to get to bed on time. I’m having to be the adult in this situation.

And because this post isn’t going to get any more exciting, I’ll just keep going. I moved the family lazyboy chair down to the basement today. Once again, being the adult here. I’m pretty sure the fact that I plop down on it any chance I get has not done wonders for my neck. And while my neck being sore can be a good thing as it means I’m actually moving around, I am working on sitting in chairs that don’t let me recline like a banana in a hammock. Work those neck muscles, girl.