iron I lack, my bad mood is back

Today, I’ve been in a bad mood. Well, not a horribly bad mood, but more of a “I think I dropped my iron level down to low” and now my neurotransmitters are off balance. It used to be that if I just missed a couple evening doses my mood went down the tank super fast, but for the last week, I’ve been trying to go down on it to see if I’m less sensitive, and while, yes, I didn’t get in a bad mood as fast as one can eat a donut, it does seem to have happened. Which means I’ll be sticking with my original dosage for a while longer. I also dealt with a million phone calls in an hour trying to sort out getting my blood drawn this week to test my iron and potassium levels, figuring out how to piggy-back some test my naturapath wants and getting referrals to a physical therapist. And, I still have more calls to make tomorrow to get it all sorted out. Wish me luck.

After acupuncture (which did help my mood), I got to visit my ever adorable nephew. He’s five days old and still in the squishy yoda phase. Unfortunately, he’s also in the sleep during the day and party at night so Jacob, Mom and I did the hard work of holding him while the parents got some good napping in while we were there. We also cleaned house and cooked some dinners. Have I mentioned what an awesome sister-in-law I can be? Sometimes…sometimes.

We also celebrated another important day today… my brother Jacob’s adoption day. Whew. It’s almost impossible to imagine him not being here.