crazy, but not anymore

I have energy for more than bullet points.

Well, I finally made it to an appointment with a naturapath. I’ve spent most of the last 3 months trying very hard not to self-diagnose myself to much with as many different dreaded auto-immune diseases as I can research, but it’s been hard. So, I’ve finally got myself to a doctor and we’re beginning the process of slowly testing stuff. First up, is the oh so dreaded food sensitivity test. Can’t wait to find out if I’ll never be able to eat okra again. Actually, I like okra, so bring it on.

I also spent time this evening reading more posts about SIBO, FODMAPS and SCD and, well, how many more shouting capitalized words can I come up with that look like they should be words but aren’t? I’m trying to make sense of the whole fermentable foods, resistant starch, colon vs ileum, fructose intolerance, etc. I feel like I find 5 more questions for every 1 answer. The good news is that I think I found confirmation that I’m not crazy and I probably don’t need to be following the whole FODMAPS diet. Which is actually really good, because if I had to do that, then yes, I think I would be officially Crazy with a capital C.

In other news, I managed to get a walk into day with a brother and mother. A triumph, my dear, a triumph.

Also, right now I’m watching To Catch A Smuggler on netflix. Whew, glad my career options never included being a drug mule. No sir!