Today’s triumphs-

Church – Took the kids I was “babysitting” this weekend (the youngest is 10) to their church in the morning, which was basically the equivalent of going to a short rock concert, but without any strobing lights or mosh pits. We sat near the front (where they normally do) and yes, my earplugs came in quite handy! I also made it through a 30 minute sermon and stood up during all the songs.

Superbowl- Made it home in time to watch the kick off for the superbowl. I didn’t attempt to watch it on the large screen, but the small screen was fine. I didn’t collapse and fall asleep. And managed to sit up and hang out with friends until past 9 until my neck gave out and started hurting from the strain of holding up my head, which by that time was tired enough that it wanted to just “float” back.