Daily updates

Today’s triumphs-

A half hour walk around the neighborhood – first finishing up my bible listening program, then onto one of the latest Underground Wellness podcast with Dr. Wahls.

Making it through all of Big Hero 6. I just closed my eyes during any intense scenes where the background was moving quickly. I also find that wearing earplugs is a necessity in movie theaters since they tend to be loud and heavy on the bass. The first time I saw a movie post concussion I solved it by sticking some tissue in my ears! Now I almost always have ear plugs with me, since I find random needs for them. However, if I’d had too, I think I could’ve gotten away without them during this movie as there wasn’t much music. But I did notice that when I took them out, I stopped relaxing. So in they went again!

Eye tracking skills in Monopoly – I’ve been playing Monopoly off and on today with Winston (age 10) and there’s one version of the game on the ipad where you have to play games as a result of landing on Community chest. They usually involve a lot of eye tracking and I was able to do it successfully both times. So, um yay? I would like to say it was crucial to winning, but it wasn’t. But still, I surprised myself!