The second concussion, part 3

October passed in a haze. Then November. At the Thanksgiving table the one thing I said I was thankful for was functional neurology. Then December happened. I started acupuncture. Which didn’t really help with the dizziness, but did help with my neck and back pain. Christmas. Progress was so, so slow. Then in January, I finally asked Dr Z (the functional neurologist) “if cost didn’t matter, what would you suggest I do?” And he said “An intensive”. And I said “Let’s do it.” So we found a week in February that would work, and I got put down to come in for 5 days in one week, 8 hours a day and they would work with me about 5 times each day.

Near the end of January, during an appointment with Dr Z, we decided to do a low sodium test to see if I could possibly have hydrops. For three days, I cut down to 1,000 mg of salt each day. By the end of the three days, my dizziness had decreased dramatically! It was such a great feeling. I then ended up getting a trial subscription of a diuretic from the nautrapath and was able to up my salt level to 1200-1500mg a day. I was told it could take up to a couple of weeks for my ear lymph fluid levels to go down and that it would need to finish “draining” before we could do an intensive. Since I started the medication just shy of two weeks before my intensive, we started praying! And my ear did drain. Well, somewhat. But enough that it was stable and I could start the intensive on time.