On our walk this afternoon, I spied this bush. I haven’t figured out what plant it is, but it sure was pretty!

On our walk, our neighbor’s meadow looked especially beautiful and serene.I’m not sure if a meadow is ever mowed, but this looks small enough to qualify as a meadow to me. So I’m calling it a meadow.

Talking of serene, or rather the opposite of serene I slide my knuckle today cutting chicken. It wasn’t horrible, but I can’t move the joint, so it’s now firmly secured with bright pink vet wrap. Which to be honest, vet wrap is one of my favorite things. It’s so clever and handy, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. Today I bought more vet wrap since I quickly discovered we were out as I had to have Dad tape a piece of gauze over my wound, and I could resist the colors soI bought white for weddings, black for formal (and funerals as my Mom pointed out), pink for parties and green for nature. I think there should be a whole project runway episode devoted to designing with vet wrap!

First day

Today was the first day of fall term. I celebrated by playing with paper hole punch-outs that got caught in the syllabus handouts. I also had my first official day of math tutoring. Which consisted of sitting for two hours and doing my homework. I was kind of surprised they scheduled us to work the first day, but hey, it was good to sit down and knock stuff of my to-do list!

Also, this evening my voice seems to have taken a turn for the better, so that’s a relief. Now I just have to get rid of my cough!

My new voice

Well, while I was in Seattle I slowly started coming down with some sort of laryngitis/cough combination. At first, I thought it was just allergies as it was so mild. But it slowly progressed and followed me back to Oregon, so I was left to conclude that I was sick. And I still am sick. So, blech. I will, however, take a cough over sneezing any time, so I’m not complaining too much. It does mean that I haven’t been doing much the past few days as I will myself to get better, especially with school starting Monday. Eeeps!

I did take time to go for a walk this afternoon. I was about 3/4 of the way back when my Mom called me wanting to know where I was. When I told her, she was surprised. She thought we were going to take a walk together (it was a mutual miscommunication), so I told her that we could just meet at the bottom of the driveway and I’d walk with her down the road again. I think the dog was a bit confused when we abruptly turned around to do the walk again. But at least we don’t live in a neighborhood where people get suspicious easily because I was quite conspicuous with my bright pink sweater!

The day ended with watching Dudley Do-Right. This silly movie was a childhood favorite of mine and it was good to have some belly laughs after what had been a rather humdrum day.

Seattle and the Shore

I wrote this post last night, but somehow it got deleted… Or else it was a very detailed dream. Ha!

I’m in Seattle for part of the week visiting a best friend and it’s been lovely. Yesterday I went to the shore for a bit and then later in the afternoon learned how to play backgammon. Today saw us making a rare and successful trip to the mall. Neither Rebekah nor I are shoppers, and we have more minimal wardrobes, so the fact that we both found and bought stuff (my mother would be proud) was almost a miracle. Plus, we had lunch out and I had the most amazing salad ever. Along with garlic fries. I may or may not go back there tomorrow.

Family lunch

Today, Tyler made a delicious pot of soup and the whole family got together to celebrate Grandpa being here. Little Dietrich was happy to see Great Grandpa! I also managed to pick vegetables in the pouring rain and we played one round of bridge with Grandpa. Wish we had had time to play more!

Sunflowers and Moonrise

I’m enjoying this rather raggedy group of flowers especially now that the sunflowers are finally blooming!

This evening we had anothe firepit chat and my grandpa spoke! He spent quite a bit of time sharing about being a navigator on a B-24 in WWII. While he was talking the moon was rising behind him which added some nice drama. 

Earlier today I had orientation for being a math tutor, errands to run, a tiny baby and his sick mama to see, and book club. It’s been a full day!

A busy Sunday

Yesterday I visited a dear friend’s church as she was playing the harp during the service. I also got to visit with another friend there, so it was a pleasant time. Then I headed over to my church for our potluck lunch and a committee meeting to work on planning our women’s retreat.

After that, I had to return Maureen’s phone and book to her. I love this sign in her house. At 85 years old, I don’t think she has any wrinkles in her soul! 

We sat in her swinging bench for a little bit and chatted. Then I had to leave to head over to the fourth event of the day.

Spending time and having dinner with most of my family at a friend’s house. We took a walk and enjoyed chatting up a storm. 

Today I went over to Hannah’s house and after assembling the above bed, had this text exchange with my brother and sister-in-law:

Babysitting and a Kitty

Yesterday I babysat. Love this nephew of mine.

And I couldn’t resist this picture of Pooky so relaxed. I’m pretty sure she was dreaming of being Super Kitty.

In other news, I missed my Dr Z appointment today. So irritated at myself. I had the wrong time stuck in my head. Argh. The world felt pretty bleak today, but after taking an hour and a half nap, it seemed a much better place!


This evening I made it to the youth Bible study, which was refreshing and inspiring.

This morning I got out to pick flowers, which always makes me happy. 

Baby shower

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for a friend. Or more accurately, provided the location and the kitchen. About 35 ladies, plus little girls, showed up. I wish I had gotten out earlier to take pictures of six dozen donuts, the five icings and the multitude of toppings that were laid out. It was pretty spectacular.

This morning we canned tuna. I got to sit outside for a bit and enjoy the view while waiting for the canner to heat up. Then I spent time cleaning up from the shower, running errands in the afternoon and making home made carnitas tacos for dinner.